Katie joined our clinic in January of 2023 and has been such a blessing of an addition to our team. Katie was born in Laos and moved to Arizona as a young child and lived there until this past January when she moved to Washington with her Husband who is in the Army. Katie is getting to know our beautiful state and has been enjoying her free time exploring with her husband. Katie has twenty years under her belt as being a biller and is learning and teaching us daily. her favorite part of billing, like most billers, is the thrill she gets from chasing the money and getting paid. Katie is extremely patient and steady in her approach to navigating challenging circumstances and does her best to make sure that our patients are getting support and knowledge from her when it comes to their insurance coverage. In addition to billing, Katie’s other passion and high talent is in cooking. We are constantly getting fed by Katie and all her dishes are amazing and made with love. Katie is a joy to have in the clinic, always wanting to laugh and have fun, she really has made our clinic feel like a home and we do not know what we would do without her.