Eileen Bhagwandeen

Eileen came to us with over twenty years of experience in healthcare. Eileen was born and raised in Upstate NY but moved around over the years and made her way to Washington in 2019. Eileen lives here with her Dog Mickey and her Cat Princess Consuela Banana hammock AKA Pheobe. Eileen’s knowledge and experience in both direct patient care as well as the ins and outs of running the back end has made her a valuable asset to our new and growing clinic. In her free time Eileen can be found hiking and exploring the state with her sidekick Mickey and on lousy weather days she stays indoors playing around with crafts and binge-watching Harry Potter. Eileen’s passion for healthcare stems from her exposure many years ago to the failures and gaps in fair patient care and she strives each day to ensure that everyone has access to resources and receives the care that they need and deserve.