Alynn joined our team in November of 2022 as our receptionist and we are so lucky to have her. Alynn is a native of Washington State and has worked in healthcare for many years in direct care roles as well as patient support services, making her well-rounded in her skillset to manage our front desk. Alynn gets joy from making people’s day better, between her bubbly personality and her amazing makeup skills, she makes it easy to like her and feel like you’re in the presence of a friend. Being the first face our patients see, her cheery outgoing presence puts them at ease and really helps to create that comfortable safe environment that we strive to have in the clinic. It is not uncommon to see or hear Alynn looking up resources to assist a patient, sharing life stories, or even sharing photos and stories about her Pitbull Pele AKA chi chi. To say Alynn has a love for dogs would be putting it lightly. She has worked as a trainer and has done dog fostering in the past and sees the value that having a furry companion can bring to someone’s life and mental well-being. Alynn goes above and beyond each day she is with us, goes out of her way to assist patients with needs, and is always thinking of ways to make the clinic more accessible and awesome than it already is.