Graphical representation of the COVID-19 virus

End of COVID emergency measures puts many Pierce County residents at risk of losing health insurance

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department and several other agencies in Pierce County provide free support for those who need assistance with re-enrollment or to enroll in alternative insurance options.

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Mental Health Matters

If you have — or think you might have — a mental illness, know that you are not alone. There is help available. Mental health conditions are far more common than you think.

Link Clinic For Your Family’s Primary Care

Why choose Link Clinic as your family’s primary care provider?

Every family needs access to a caring and knowledgeable primary care provider, which is increasingly difficult to find in our healthcare system these days. But health is also much more than what typically gets addressed in a doctor’s office—it’s the foods you eat, the quality of your relationships, and the ways you work, rest, and play.